Saturday, December 4, 2010


Hi everyone! Autumn here with the official release of Project Stratosphere. They'll be hitting Youtube at 8:00 PM sharp est time. ^_^ So time to learn a little bit more about them!

"Uchuu is an intelligent and cheerful woman. Although she is very smart, she is a perfectionist, and can be controlling at times. While she's not singing or in space, Uchuu loves drawing with chalk,  but hates water because it ruins her pictures."
 Uchuu's name has fun pun in it. Ozone! You can download her here.

"Seisouken is a very happy and smart man. Despite the fact he's a genius, nobody can really tell because he acts so obnoxious all the time. He's got a major crush on Uchuu that he's had for years, considering they grew up together, and she knows it, but doesn't mind at all crushing his dreams with this monosyllabic word, "No." Either way, he never stops hoping and loving her. He loves to collect CDs of every type genre of music, or console games. "
Gee, isn't he fun? You can download him here.

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